Just Released: The Ads That Russia Used To Steal The 2016 Election – And They’re Un-Believable

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Congress has released a collection of the ads bought and pushed by Vladimir Putin’s Russian lackeys which helped sway the 2016 election. The Russians had a well-documented interest in getting Trump elected, and now we’ve been given a glimpse at how they accomplished it.

The Russian ads were geared towards exacerbating wedge issues and came down firmly on the Republican side of arguments, pushing the very same talking points that members of the GOP use when running for office.

Islamophobia, anti-gun control sentiments, fear of immigrants, and declining coal jobs were just some of the topics weaponized by Putin’s advertisement troll farms. Some of them went as far as encouraging people to leave their houses to attend pro-Trump rallies.

Many of the ads painted the election as a religious conflict, stating that Trump was on the side of God and Clinton the side of Satan. While some of them are absurd and composed in broken English, others are fairly sophisticated and demonstrate a disturbing understanding of the American electorate.

While it’s still not clear how many Russian taxpayers went towards undermining American democracy, it’s clear that there was a major concerted effort with serious funding behind it.

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