Yale Psychiatrist Says Trump Has A “Grave ___________ Disability”

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Psychiatrists in the United States are blocked from commenting on the psychological wellness of politicians due to the 50 year old Goldwater Rule, which states that they cannot openly diagnose the mental health of public figures who they have not personally examined.

However, the case of President Donald Trump is so extreme and potentially consequential that some noted psychiatrists have felt compelled to speak out despite the rule.

A psychiatrist from Yale University named Dr. Brandy Lee recently sounded an urgent warning about Trump’s mental imbalance.

Dr. Lee just hosted a conference centered around President Trump’s psychological state and the medical community’s reaction to it, and she opened up to Salon about why she is willing to challenge the Goldwater Rule to stop Trump from doing further damage.

Stated Dr. Lee, “This situation has come to such a critical level. In fact, a state of emergency exists and we could no longer hold back. We have an obligation to speak about Donald Trump’s mental health issues because many lives and our survival as a species may be at stake.”

Describing one example of Trump’s mental disturbances, Lee detailed, “He has a great need for adulation. He is angry if reality does not meet his needs.”

She further explained, “People have been expecting him to settle into his role and become normal or more ‘presidential,’ but that does not ordinarily happen among those with such personality traits.

In fact, what we’re seeing is a creation of his own reality, a reality that will meet Trump’s own emotional needs and the need to impose that reality on others.

It is his imperviousness to facts and reality that could place us all at great risk.”

She added, speaking about the urgency of addressing Trump’s problems, “In an ordinary situation where matters were not so intense, we could balance out our political activism and separate that from our professional goals and actions.

But when there is such a grave mental disability that is affecting the public sphere, the political sphere, such as in the current position of power, then those lines get blurred.

In my case, it became a grave enough emergency that my conscience would not let me rest in peace if I did not do something about it.”

Are you glad Dr. Lee took this risk to speak out about Trump’s mental health?

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